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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Now that I think of it, what the hell is the Exile, anyway, and what is the significance of it? She is said to "live without the Force", yet can still use it ("You can feel the Force, but you cannot feel yourself"). The ordeal at Malachor deafened her to the Force, yet she regains power later in much the same way as others who lost their Force powers (Revan, Kyle Katarn, etc).
The in-game explanation is that the Exile syphon's the force from your companions and is additionally some sort of "Force Black Hole". Although I supose I'd look at it differently that the Exile underwent a healing being around people again, having been away for so long; the relationships and force bonds, caused the Exile to feel the force again; but of course that's only my thoughts on *my Exile*.

Originally Posted by Vrook (is an ass)
"When you returned to us, we saw what had happened. You carry all those deaths at Malachor within you, and it has left a hole, a hunger that cannot be filled."

"You are a cipher, forming bonds, leeching the life of others, siphoning their will and dominating them. [...] You are a breach that must be closed. You transmit your pain, your suffering through the Force. Within you we see something worse than the teachings of the Sith. What you carry may mean the death of the Force… and the death of the Jedi."
Originally Posted by Kavar
"I believed you are the key to this whole war. When you stood before us in the Council chamber on Coruscant, we felt something from you, we'd never felt before—it was as if the Force had died within you, leaving you hollow. We had suspicions as to why this was, but nothing definite. But rather than try to understand, we sent you away. I think because at some level, there was fear. We live our whole lives in touch with the Force, in touch with life all around us, and you had a gift in that regard. You formed bonds so easily, and they flowed deep between you and others. To see such emptiness in the Force standing before you... it is not an easy thing to face."

"Whatever is attacking us, it is leaving something in its wake, something we haven't felt since you stood before us in judgement. The deaths of the Jedi, the destruction of Katarr, all of these things are leaving behind echoes—like the one we felt from you in the council chamber. It was clear to us—to me, that we had to find you. But we couldn't call you back from exile, because we didn't know where you'd gone. Plus, there was a chance we might put you in danger, and that we couldn't allow. If you couldn't feel the Force, then it would just make you a target. I don't know how you got back, but I'm glad you're here."
What was it Yoda said about fear? These "Jedi Masters" seem very fearful to me. A stupid fear as it would turn out, as it was not the Exile who would do this but Nihilus; and they were gonna stop the only Jedi who could stop him, save the galaxy and the Jedi... YAY for being stupid! Anyway;

Originally Posted by Alerxd
It's just the ridiculousness of the overall concept. I mean, killing the Force? Really? Being the Force an established existing and omnipresent entity, who would think of killing it, and how? It just doesn't work in Star Wars, and the reason behind Avellone's idea only make me hate it even more.
I'd disagree, I think Kreia is much like Ahab from Moby Dick; she blames the force for her own failings. She pushes her and others motivations onto the Force which makes the Force seem malevolent to her.

Also are alot of our motivations logical? Or are good villains motivations logical or reasonable? I'd argue the scariest villains are the ones who seemingly have no logic in what they are doing (think the Joker in the Dark Kinght as an example.. He just wants to watch the world burn, is that any more different to Kreia?). Can you kill God? Can you kill the Force... They would seem to be the same question to me. Anyways as I'm lazy I'll use wikipedia to summerize Ahab from Moby Dick;

Originally Posted by Wiki
The book portrays destructive obsession and monomania, as well as the assumption of anthropomorphism; projecting human instincts, characteristics and motivations onto animals. Moby-Dick is ruthless in attacking the sailors who attempt to hunt and kill him, but it is Ahab who invests Moby-Dick's natural instincts with malign and evil intent. In fact it is not the whale, but the crippled Ahab who alone possesses this characteristic.

So Kreia projects human (or sentient in SW's case) instincts, characteristics and motivations onto the Force. But if the Force is "God" such thinking is flawed on many levels, not least that the Force is concious to a level entirely different to sentient beings. It also to me ignores the fact that if the force is morally nuetural it's an individuals choice (fault) if they cause death and destruction with that power. Does the Force really "balance things"?

In a sense that would seem to sum up Kriea, she wants revenge, revenge on the Jedi, revenge on the Sith and ultimately revenge on the universe and the Force for her being stripped of power.

For me of course Mical, probably summed up the Exile best;

Originally Posted by Mical
And where they look at you and see the death of the Force, I look at you and see the hope for all life.
Did Traya really expect to win?

My 2 cents...

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