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While I'm not usually a multitasker, I've recently been juggling several reading projects: I'm right in the middle of the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy (which I've had on my bookshelf for 10 years and never read until now); I like Timothy Zahn's writing style a lot. He really knows how to make you hate characters: Mara Jade is a stone cold total bitch, and Thrawn is an infuriatingly evil bastard who always knows exactly what the rebels are doing. I hope he dies.

Simultaneously, I'm also reading Iron Coffins by Herbert A. Werner, one of the penultimate books ever written on WWII German U-boats. This excellent book is nearly impossible to put down, especially interspersed with viewings of Das Boot; I just got the Director's Cut on Blu-Ray to supplement the original 5-hour uncut version that I got last summer, plus I also ordered the novel. And finally, today I received four vintage issues of Life Magazine from September 1939, when the war broke out in Europe. All of this reading, by the way, is in conjunction with the ongoing research for my FOA novelization (plug!).

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