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Originally Posted by adam
Star Wars: Revelations
Gag me with a ****ing Bowie knife. Agree on the other two, though.

On the trailer itself: I like all the parts except where people are shown speaking or attempting to act. Much like their "Revan" fanfilm. Great title, too, by the way, "Shadows of Corruption" - the only one I could think of that would sound more bland or generic would be "Shadows of Echoes" or something.

Also, regarding "what do you expect from a fanfilm": I prefer that the creators know something about what they're doing, and many don't seem to know much except how to turn a camera on and off. Worst, however, is when they think they can write a good story or act and can't - like in the aforementioned Revelations, or the hysterically bad Red Harvest. Even decent effects are hardly necessary; by and large, the best fanfilms are the ones that accept the general quality ceiling and roll with it.

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