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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Sorry, but no. Kreia's a Sith Lord. The Jedi by default are her enemy, and she hates those particular Jedi especially by virtue of being the same Council that exiled her. Had her aim been to "prove them wrong", there is a chance that she might have, I don't know, tried to talk to them or something instead of essentially dumping a jigsaw puzzle (the Exile) into their lap and giving them five minutes to figure it out. Then there's the rather silly assumption that Kreia had no way of saving the Exile without killing the Masters.

What Kreia does is stop them, lecture them in a clearly threatening way, waste them with Force drain, and them proceed to rant at their dead bodies. That isn't what someone who wanted to reason would do.
I'd disagree TKA, while as ever I respect your thoughts and input. I wouldn't call Kreia at this point a Sith Lord, and I think the Let's Play is correct that she had intended to avoid detection again. But that the Council trying to cut the Exile off from the force caused her to protect the Exile. The interesting thing with the scene is I'd say that the Jedi Council are aggressive towards Kreia first; however as soon as she came to intervene she intended to cut them off from the force and was pissed at their stupidity. That's just my take of course.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
I call it a plot hole. Much like Kreia dying at the end and the Exile presumably surviving with no explanation.

Just one more point suggesting that Kreia is a hypocrite and/or insane, seeing as she kills them herself if the Exile doesn't.
Or if Kreia lied about how bad the effects of the Force bond were... Good means of forcing the Exile to have her along, and Kriea is a serial liar throughout the entire game. I'd also say she was both a hypocrite and insane.

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