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Originally Posted by TimBob12 View Post
Looks a bit like the sniper out of republic commando

Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
I LOVE the 3rd screenie. A giant green blob heading towards a Dark Jedi.
Thanks, the blob of green is actually edited in....That's why it looks so bad.

Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post
I think the Dark Jedi in last SS is getting impaled
Dark Jedi spitted and roasted over a fire....

Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
Holy cow, Dak! How do you DO that?

The muzzle flashes are a little... goofy, haha.
Muzzle flashes or blaster bolts? The bolt was edited in, and I've attempted to make it blue but have failed so far...

Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
Love that last screenshot! But yeah, the muzzle flashes look like snot balls haha.
Thanks for the modeling them Dak.

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