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Originally Posted by Snarils View Post
Don't get me wrong, I've been in beta for TOR and I love the game.. I can't wait to play it at retail.

Yes, I know that SWG did not have Jump to Lightspeed at launch.. but they had also told everyone that they planned to add space travel / combat in their first expansion, which they did the next year.

If Bioware has commented that they have plans to expand on or revamp the space aspect of The Old Republic, I'm cool with that and I'll be happy to wait to see it.

The game at launch should be enough to keep me glued to my PC for a good long time.. without any content added for a while.
I think most of us are hoping that the first expansion includes these ideas from the 'Wall of Crazy' as the devs call it; 1) 3D Space, 2) Capital Ships for Guilds and 3) Customizable and DIFFERENT ships for players. That is an expansion I would gladly pay for. Heck... I did in Galaxies... and that didn't have capital ships.

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