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Originally Posted by Deft Aklin View Post
Sadly, it's VERY SWG standard, with the bright blue color. I was told that nothing can be moved either, which really bothers me. I hate the stock blue color. I want to be able to move things around and resize them.

THe map however is spectacular, as you can run around with it up and the transparency changes once you start to move.

Unfortunately, I've 'seen' beta, but am not 'in' beta, so I can't really test much other than to give a friend a kick and get info. Well, unless I go visiting again. lol
I am hoping that we can change the UI scheme, it's something that will bother me to no end if they don't eventually allow modding in this way. I like to personalize my UI to no end. Being a WoW player of 6 or 7 years I find it infuriating when I play an MMO that is restricted in that sense.

I'll be jumping ship to SW:TOR regardless. But I want my landing into bioware's new epic to me a cushioned one!

Originally Posted by DarthJacen View Post
It is modifiable, so don't worry. We'll have one out on ModSource.
Oh? Can you source this information or are we just to take your word for it?
You haven't really explained what can be modified.
I'm certainly worried, cause I don't want a bright blue UI ruining my rampage across the galaxy.

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