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Originally Posted by Ascended_Mike View Post
I am hoping that we can change the UI scheme, it's something that will bother me to no end if they don't eventually allow modding in this way. I like to personalize my UI to no end. Being a WoW player of 6 or 7 years I find it infuriating when I play an MMO that is restricted in that sense.

I'll be jumping ship to SW:TOR regardless. But I want my landing into bioware's new epic to me a cushioned one!

Oh? Can you source this information or are we just to take your word for it?
You haven't really explained what can be modified.
I'm certainly worried, cause I don't want a bright blue UI ruining my rampage across the galaxy.
I'm actually going to be a bit happy that I won't need to update my add-ons and find new compatible ones every few months... lol

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