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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Why does that matter? It's all canon, wether it comes from Lucas or not.
THIS link will explain it a bit better; if it comes directly from Lucas, it's considered written in stone. If one book mentioned the recovery and disintegration of Maul's body, for example, it would now have to be retconned because this new development comes from the highest level.

Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
All those books exist because Fett was resurrected. Are you saying that if they make many books with Darth Maul post-TPM, it will make it okay?
I am also not quite sure where he was going with that...then again, I'm not especially happy about anyone pulling such a worn-out move as coming back from the dead. Next thing you know, we'll find out that Jango wasn't really dead. Might not even be told how he survived.

I've been sticking my fingers in my ears and singing loudly every time Star Wars comes up with a new Deus Ex Machina or Back From the Dead plot line, but it's not such a serious business that I can't pick and choose which stories I enjoy and which I box up and donate to Goodwill. Boba...well, I can understand HOW he escaped, but I still think he made a good dead person.

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo
It is LucasArts.
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