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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
The biggest problem with Jar Jar is that there was no character progression and he didn't become more competent by the end of the film.
He did not have a significant enough role in the overall story to warrant the way the character played out, in my opinion. Too goofy, too campy not enough substance to an otherwise solid cast. Such blatant pandering to little kids in the prequels ruined their quality.

Favorite moments are most of EP1 highlighting of course the duel at the end and also Queen Amidala/Padme as a character worthy in my opinion of respect in her place within the Star Wars Cast; Kamino scenes in EP2, and end of Anakin/Obi-Wan duel in EP3 when Anakin catches on fire. In particular I'd say the fleshing out of the Sidious/Palpatine role in all three movies was fairly well portrayed.

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