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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
My point is that it's no different from the EU bringing back Boba from the dead. Both are canon. Then again, Lucas could change it back if he wants, but it's a bit hypocritical to support Boba's return and rant over Maul's. We don't even know how he returns. I'll wait and see before I judge.

My point was that it's Lucas - I don't trust any decision of his anymore, and I'm often disregarding his changes/inclusions of stuff (no matter what anyone says, Han shot first, dammit).

Additionally, cutting someone in half (severed intestines and no body waste systems/reproductive systems, woot!) and sending them down a seemingly-bottomless pit (pits which are connected to reactors, I might add) is quite different than knocking an armored mercenary with a jet pack down the throat of something that does not kill immediately. The believability matters, very, very much.

And yes, if Maul was resurrected and there were MAJOR series (not comic books or lesser-regarded novels) depending on his resurrection, I'd accept it.

I just don't want anymore "returning from the dead" people now - it's overdone. A few times was enough, and most of their non-deaths should be accepted, IMO (I really disregard Palpatine's rebirth though, since SO MANY fans and authors do, myself included). But no more, please!

Irrelevant. It's part of the canon, same way as Boba or Maul.

But that's not true - there are varying levels of canon. Even more if you add your own personal interpretations of everything into it.

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