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Recording the music of Monkey Island 2

I'm not sure where I should ask this, but my situation is this:

I'm planning to make a study of some of the music of "Monkey Island 2" and its use of the iMuse system. I used the "Scumm Revisited 2" program to extract the music tracks from the game (both the Roland MT-32 versions and the AdLib versions), saving them as Format-2 MIDI files, then used the "midi2to0" program to convert the Format-2 MIDI files to Format-0 MIDI files.

My hope is to:

A) Make a WAV recording of each extracted format-0 MIDI file, emulating a Mt-32 sound and/or an AdLib sound (basically, to get as close as possible to how it was intended to sound)

B) Transcribe everything to classical Western music notation (including all the transitions, of which there are ~10 per track because a different one is played depending on when you enter a different location)

I'm closer to getting B completed than A. All I need for B is to figure out which voices the MIDI files are calling up, and what those would be on a real Mt-32 or AdLib (because General MIDI was not yet in use back then).

For A)... I don't suppose there's any program that will straight-out convert a Mt-32 MIDI file into a WAV file with Mt-32 sounds (or an AdLib MIDI file into a WAV file with AdLib sounds), is there?

Thank you for any help.
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