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I get the feeling these aren't coming out. I would rather them not anyway.

It would be weird to remake all of the games so that they have the style of LSL7. These screenshots look like a big mess to me because while the characters in the remake of 1 as well as 5 and 6 have a wonky style to them and Larry is malproportioned, his look is still a far cry from LSL7. Why not redo each game in it's respective style?

Basically I see it like this: LSL1 (original),2 and 3 are all more realistic depictions, while LSL1 (remake), 5 and 6 all share this gaudy loud look with rounded cartoon characters. LSL7 has the traditional animation look with even gaudier backgrounds.

The other major factor is that almost every Leisure Suit Larry game except 6, 7, and to some extent 5 has the major adventure game design flaws that are not friendly to new users. Monkey Island is a no brainer because there's no way to get stuck, no parser, no unfair deaths. I can't even see how you'd fix LSL 1-3 without major rewriting.

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