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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
'Cuz I'm not a pure as you are and we probably don't see eye to eye. I like some of the EU. Though I have to admit Dark Empire does get hard to justify once one realizes what it does to everything else. I can take it or leave it.

I don't like Ventress being drawn out. I think she was just meant to fill what Komari Vosa couldn't by virtue of the story.

I *hate* Maul being sold out, especially since I respect Ray Park as a martial artist as well as an actor. He made that character.

I do think Boba Fett escaping the sarlacc pit monster actually was warranted, because he was supposed to be badass and didn't deserve to die so easy, nor like a bitch. I think he ought to die violently, but with a bit more dignity.

If anything I think Revan and Exile are both way overhyped as well. I suspect Drew Karpyshyn will take them down a peg in the upcoming Revan novel.


Sorry Alexrd - you don't seem to be understanding my points, and I disagree with basically every premise of yours. To me it matters who made the addition - if Lucas, I am likely to ignore it, because of his track record of making some remarkably dumb changes/additions.

Escaping from the Sarlacc is very believable if you're covered in body armor, have a jetpack, detonators, grapple hooks, etc. and are renown for being a total badass. The Sarlacc kills by slow digestion, using acids - anything that falls in it unlikely to get out.

Escaping Maul's death - I simply have a very hard time suspending my disbelief.

And in my previous statement, I thought the logic was VERY clear: "And yes, if Maul was resurrected and there were MAJOR series (not comic books or lesser-regarded novels) depending on his resurrection, I'd accept it."

If Maul was crucial for the story of so many legitimate series, then I'd suck up the unbelievability of his resurrection. But I'm not prone to, especially as nothing is dependent on his resurrection. And because I'd prefer to not having to do this in my head every time someone is unnecessarily resurrected.

I can pick and choose what I want to follow - that's the beauty of being a SW fan and an EU fan. I disregard much of the comic stuff and I ignore anything in TCW which contradicts what well-established EU authors have already written. No one can do anything about it.

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