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Originally Posted by Revnant View Post
For some reason this doesnt work for me. I have the texture improvement pack and the mask star forge robes. I did what was said about editing it but still the mod wont work. I tried reinstalling the mod and also emptying the override and just put the cape mod in it alone and still wont work. I am at a loss and kinda disappointed because I was looking forward to this mod for a long time now.
This mod only adds animations to the masked Revan model(N_DarthRevan.mdl/mdx). If any other mod you use would make changes to that model, then you won't want to use it. If it changes the texture file(it looks for 'pmbj01'), any could be used as long as it matches the texture name it looks for.

Also, you need to use the included disguise item to see the animations in-game.

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