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Hey, I have encounterred a rather frustrating problem with this mod:
I followed the installation instructions (copy from Over and Stream to TSLpatcher) and it works well, except for when i try to go to malachor to finish the game. What happens is, the RCM scenes play, but when Kreia/Traya is supposed to choke Sion, the screen goes to black, the diolouge plays, cuts after the 'your power is as meaningless as my hand' line, goes to the arrival-at-malachor crash movie, cuts back to Traya and Sion finishing their lines, then leaves me with a black screen, a blank white map that says 'trayus core', and absolutely nothing to do about it.
Before anyone asks if I am sure if it is the USM mod, yes, I am sure. I uninstalled the mod, and the game worked fine.
Please, please, help. I am very excited by the 'everyone-gets-their-own-saber' aspect of this mod, and I would be quite saddened if I could not use it like everyone else (good gravy, I sound ifantile...).
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