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I suppose a bit of experimentation is a way of feeling around what your audience responds best to.

The only reason I give half a crap about dark empire NOW is because I think for SWTOR, we will find out about origins of a little something. Namely how Sidious used Transfer Essence with cloning to prolong his life and escape death. We know all about how he used that on Bevel Lemelisk to punish him for his failures.

EDIT: By that time, both the power and the technique were quite old. /edit

There really is no other way a Sith Emperor who is a human/sith pureblood hybrid could live 1000+ years naturally. It's a fact in Fatal Alliance cloning is in use during this time period. We also know that Exar Kun learned sith alchemy and transfer essence from relics of naga sadow. In SW timeline video 1, we learn that sadow's apprentice was this sith emperor we face now.

Also, if I may speculate something rather abstract (for which I ***HOPE*** I am wrong):
Show spoiler

Just my opinion, of course. I just can't ignore it, though.

11/12/11 EDIT: YES! I found out I am WRONG about that! WAY off the mark! I'm celebrating.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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