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ToR: Shades of Grey (alignment)

Interesting read.

The Old Republic: Shades of Grey.
Trying to walk a neutral path in BioWare's MMO.

Playing as a Jedi Knight in the beta for BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic, I had a specific goal in mind; I was going to be a neutral force in the universe. Instead of aligning myself with the typical Jedi Light side of the Force or going out of my way to be completely malevolent, I tended to bounce between both positive and negative choices at every opportunity....

...But this was to my detriment. In Coruscant I first began to see powerful new items that would greatly benefit my character, but I could use none of them.
No hard pressed opinion yet, given I haven't had a chance to form my own impression, but I could see this as something that needs addressing (luckily it is per the article). Kind of like the idea of having a neutral, works for highest bidder, Bounty Hunter alt.

Not sure how much the beta testers can divulge, but I know there's a few here on the forums. Assuming you can answer... Have you run in to anything that may hint whether this is proving to a be a serious oversight, or vice versa, something they've already began to tackle (to fix)?

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