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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
yes, I wondered that too after I'd posted, I dont see why a non force user would be hindered by force related items, but I know there are instances where 'Muggles' get corrupted. for balance reasons I'm sure they will be equally at risk of losing/gaining items through alignment.
Yeah, I'd say you're right.

I'd bet that the whole Lightside/Darkside is ToR's alternate description for "alignment"

Random thought.. would be interesting if alignment & ls/ds position where separate stats. (ie LS leaned Sith, DS leaned Republic).. using the LS/DS stat as a force/gear/ability modifier. Kinda like KotOR had the force powers classified whereas a (good) Jedi could still use Lightning/Choke etc but it just costing more... vice-versa

Probably be more of a pita on the developer side though having to take that equation in to gear drops, power balance, etc. meh who knows... hehe. Would make for some interesting character builds though

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