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I'd also like to note an historic milestone for the guild. We've been hard at work for weeks, working together to painstakingly draft addendum 13 to our Uncode of Conduct. It now features 100% more cowbell.

Here's the official press release:

SOMEWHERE ON THE OUTER RIM--The Mellow Way was formally amended Tuesday to include new language enshrining "More Cowbell" as a defining standard in the "uncode of conduct' of Mellow Company, a ragtag band of Republic loyalists surviving on cracker crumbs and small beetles deep within the confines of their Luxurious Inner Sanctum until something more interesting happens.

The amendment, the first in the history of the document, formally urges Mellow Company members to "bang the hell out of that cowbell" and to "really explore the space" in doing so, said Wookiee-in-Chief Kallajibuseb, a member of the guild's self-styled ruling junta.

"Aoacwo scwoananoooh ohraro ahc aoacwo wawowwahwhahwhrr waoooahuscwowhao wwoorc oohurc rrhuahanwa," he said. "Ohahaoac aoacahc rawawaahaoahoowh ooww scoorcwo oaooohrhwoanan, ohwo acrahowo oawoscwowhaowowa ra rhrcahrracao wwhuaohurcwo wwoorc huc rawhwa oohurc akrcoorrwowhro, ohwoanan ahwhaooo aoacwo waahcaorawhao wwhuaohurcwo."

Famous rock producer Bruce Dickinson was delighted with the changes, so much so that he decided to join the guild.

"Before we're done here we'll all be wearing gold-plated diapers," Dickinson said.
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