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October Update

We've had several exceptional recruits this month. A warm welcome to Kelvorr, Weasel, Sylesstra, Jilla, Surtal, and of course TheBruceDickinson. You guys are all awesome!

We've also expanded our council with the addition of Catrine, our new Social Coordinator. Should any members be found not having any fun, Catrine will step in and set things right.

As always, if you have any questions about the guild please feel free to contact any member of the council, either via our website or the forums:

Zowm, Guild Leader
Kallajibuseb, Officer
Wightlight, Officer
Catrine, Officer

And for those of you who who simply will not join any guild without first knowing something about their pumpkin carving abilities, you may find our guild jack-o-lantern thread of use.
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