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More DELETED SCENES (will add them to the main part later):


As Luke & Biggs are talking before the battle of Yavin, Red leader's dialog in full (there's a damaged film "wipe" partway through, which was replaced by a "guy walking past carrying some stuff" in the Special Edition in 1997). He says "I met your father once when I was just a boy. If you have half the skill he had, you'll do all right." (in the SE, he just says "you'll do all right").

General Veers dies! Yes, in this version, before he shoots the shield generator (I think), a snowspeeder plows into the head of his AT-AT, decapitating it and downing the vehicle. This scene is a mixture of black & white footage and hand-drawn animation.

Yoda's additional training. I remember this scene from the Marvel comics series based on the movie. Yoda tosses a silver bar into the air and Luke slashes at it with his saber (but misses). The actual scene is done in several takes, with no special effects (other than the bar being pulled by a fishing line, and then it's missing in the rest of the scene, presumably to be added in post). Parts of it are black & white and there's no dialogue yet.

Lobot's capture. I didn't realize this, but Lobot (the bald guy working for Lando who has the wrap-around speakers on his head) gets captured! After Lando signals him when he finally takes his opportunity against Vader's men, Lobot evades the Stormtroopers for awhile but then gets grabbed and taken into custody. So I guess the other guys came through though! A bit anticlimactic.

Leia cares for Luke. A rather extended sequence of Leia tending to Luke's injury in that little medical station on the Falcon. She fills Luke in on what's just happened, mentions Boba Fett by name (he's otherwise only referred to as "bounty hunter" in ESB).


Pilots. LOTS of material of new pilots (looks like an audition reel, as they say the same lines virtually). An actor is sitting in a cockpit that is shaking and a radio voice off camera prompts them to say various lines ("there's a heavy fire zone down there" "if you pick one up watch him" "I'm hit" etc). One of the pilots we see in the actual battle was overdubbed and is actually female! There's also an older woman and a guy in a Mon Calamari suit (who speaks english) as well as Nien Numb (or an alien just like him) speaking english. They have a bit of fun with the Mon Calamari guy too. The human pilot sequences are all in black & white.

Falcon gunners! This sequence is kinda cool. Various shots of guys with guns and equipment running around the Falcon corridors, fixing things, putting out fires (without full extinguisher effects). Nien Numb (or same alien species) dodging an explosion in the corridors. Footage of various human rebels manning the turrets and going through the combat motions just like Luke & Han do in ANH.

Han makes repairs. Another sequence of Han bent over some big pipes in the Falcon doing repairs, and Leia fumbling around. A lot of off-screen cues from Kershner (sounds like him anyway). Alternate/extended kiss scene (b&w) for Han & Leia with a bit more dialogue. After he initially kisses her, she kisses him back before Threepio interrupts.

General Madine. General Madine (stoic guy with hair helmet and fuzzy beard) sits on a bridge similar to Ackbar's, surrounded by his human crew. He issues orders similar to Ackbar's about hyperspace and wishing the force to be with them. Color with offscreen cues.

The total run time of the deleted scenes for each trilogy is about 50 minutes apiece. Yet it appears some things are STILL missing, like the full "human jabba" sequence from ANH (starring Declan Muholland and without Boba Fett, who was added in 1997) or Luke taking a force leap to the top of the Rancor pen in ROTJ (and getting knocked back down by aliens jumping on his fingers). I've seen some of the Prequel scenes, and much of them are still in the animatic phase or people running around in front of blue screens, but it seems that the "finished" ones from the previously released DVDs were left out this time.

I also found this which might be helpful:

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