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Originally Posted by 90SK View Post
The name is Vargas, if I recall correctly from the first time these images appeared, and I would guess he is a ship captain or something like that related to the republic or government.
Thanks 90SK, I think that Logan23 is going to use Vargas as part of his name, and we're making him a Czerka officer.

Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
If you do end up using him, please make his head look way better than Saedhe's...


The side by side comparison is terrible...
That first screenie is from gmax, but this one below is an in-game shot that I posted in the main RoR thread

Sometimes, I think that the only way to truly improve textures, is if we could get custom bump maps working . Still, he looks ok from a distance, right?

While I agree that the quality isn't as detailed as the concept art, I didn't bother to increase the texture size. I prefer to keep file sizes down, so that the RoR download won't be too gigantic. If I pumped up every texture to the next size, it would almost quadruple the download, which is already at over a gig (after being zipped). Oh well.

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