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Originally Posted by Xarwarz View Post
Great modding work indeed...ill agree with you on the feedback its kinda a slap in the face when no responds. If its bad say its bad if its good say its good. The numbers of interest has decreased but there are also alot of peeps making mods and not taking time to comment on others.... and people who don't like you because you do something better. I have had my share of this im here to do one thing make mods....... So im with you im taking a long break and heading into retirement sometime next year. Good luck
Thanks man.

Originally Posted by Mandalore5 View Post
From the point of view of another (not nearly as good) armour skinner, I can see it's a very skilful piece of work; I certainly like it.

Originally Posted by Dak Drexl View Post
Like the standard skin, hate the flightsuits. Always thought they were hideous which is why I replace them in my armored robes mod.
They are kind of ugly, i hate the standard skins.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Constructive criticism? As you wish . . .

This one I'm not too particularly fond of - but I think that's mostly due to the base model you had work with. It just seems to be too bulky to be an effective combat suit - especially on the male version of the this suit. It seems since the pockets are so thin, that the wearer looks fat.

However, if the lower pockets on the model itself could be enlarged - so it looks like you could actually fit something inside them - then the above issue could be alleviated. It might seem odd that by making it bigger that you could correct those issues but that's just the way I'm seeing it right now. Is changing the pockets on the model possible?
I hated this model, and i created this skin solely for helping at least a little with it in k1. I had actually tried to edit the pockets, but i had issues getting it ingame every time

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
As for this one . . .

This armor is great just the way it is, IMHO. It's not too busy, the color scheme seems well thought out, and I like the base model - especially the pauldrons - so I'd say "Great job!" on this one. This applies for both the male and female versions of the suit, by the way.
Thanks. Both male and female are the same texture actually.

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