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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Is there a demo? If there is should we just play that and leave it at that...
Hard to tell to be honest. I was having a blast with it up till mid chapter 2-3.
I'm pretty sure the demo (if one exists) wouldn't give you anywhere close to that. (the chapters are VERY long).

Don't get me wrong.. the game is good (fun). It's just that it's one of those games where it will get tedious if you decide to do every single thing in the game. TONS of back and forth and every time everything has respawned.

If you like fighting (a lot). This game will be right up your alley.. hehe. But be warned if you're a "get to the goal" "fast travel" "get it done" kinda player.. this game will test you.

Fast travel points are few and far between (not bad at first.. but gets tedious by mid chapter 2). Resources aren't bad as I don't think I was ever hurting for weaponry or cash. Especially once you start collecting recipes/mods and are able to make your own gear.

Fun game.. and it's mostly the combat that really starts to grind your nerves. There's quite a bit of it and some of your enemies can outrun you

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