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((OOC: Yeah, first official RP post on LF! I'm sorry about the long post. Wait, actually I'm not. ))


Eldravin was a planet in the Mid Rim, with a climate of forests and clearings. Valek Thegas found himself stationed here, at least until the Sith rained their forces onto the planet. The sounds of battle were no foreign thing to Valek. He had unwittingly found himself on the business end of a blaster pistol on a few occasions, and had been no stranger to conflict on the ground.

He grunted as he put on his armor, first the mesh, then to put all the armor plates on, then helmet. Tedious, but quick. He grabbed his knife, vibrosword, blaster, and lightsaber, and strode outside of the bunker. The first thing he heard was a Sith mortar destroy a Resistance tank. He quickly ran into one of the Officers.

"What the hell are Sith doing here?"

"No idea-" The Officer paused, looked to his right, and fired his pistol at a Sith soldier still alive on the ground.

"I have a hunch that they're here for the Jedi Artifact that the miners found in the ruins."

Of course, Valek thought to himself, they came for the artifact.

"Do you have any idea what the artifact is?"

"Nope, only the mining team knows, but they're all dead." He heard a message on his comlink, and then relayed it to Valek.

"Delta and Gamma squads are down, and the Sith just reached the artifact! Listen, you have to protect this briefcase. Don't let them take it, with this, they will be able to access the artifact."

He handed the briefcase to Valek, but the Officer was impaled in the back by a soldier. Valek instantly put the briefcase on his back (much like a weapon) and pulled out his vibrosword. But the soldier did not look like an ordinary Sith, not even a Death Guard. They look like Spec-Ops, Valek thought. However, this is not the time for thinking, this is the time for action.

Valek swung his sword at the man's shins, but the soldier jumped and delivered a spinning hook kick with his right leg. This made Valek unbalanced, and grabbed his rifle in his other hand. He fired at the soldier, hoping the blaster shots will pierce the armor. They did not, the armor was made of a cortosis-durasteel alloy. As if things could not get worse, two more showed up, one with a sniper rifle, and one with two SMGs.

He ran towards the man with the sniper rifle, who fired two rounds at Valek. The first missed, but the second pierced his shoulder. He dropped his rifle and attempted to stab the soldier's stomach, but he grabbed the sniper rifle by the barrel and swung at Valek, like if it was a club. It hit Valek's side. He felt some pain, but swiftly turned around and cut the rifle into two.

One thing he did not notice until now was that all three of the soldiers wore jetpacks, and the soldier with SMGs flew into the air above Valek, which fired a barrage of blaster bolts at Valek. He clutched his vibrosword, held it in a reverse grip, and stabbed the sniper soldier in the back. It caused something to go haywire in the jetpack, as it swerved uncontrollably and crashed the soldier into a tree, with an explosive, fiery death.

The SMG solder dropped behind him and attempted to grab the briefcase. Valek turned around, dropped the vibrosword, grabbed both of the soldier's wrists, and pulled the solder's chest into his knee. The soldier felt disoriented, and Valek used the moment to grab his vibrosword, and bring it to the solder's neck. Taking the chance, he moved the vibrosword with a motion that sliced the solder's throat.

The last soldier charged at him, did a roll over him, and grabbed the briefcase. Valek spun around and kicked the soldier in the face. The soldier held both hands to his face for a moment, activated his jetback, and tried to swing at Valek's side with the briefcase, which Valek barely dodged. Valek performed a spinning crescent kick, which the soldier ducked, and then the soldier swung at him. Valek blocked it, and attempted to use his knife to stab him, in which he blocked, and countered with a kick to the groin. Valek moved backwards, as if recovering to the pain and building up energy, and swiftly grabbed the back of the soldier's head, and drove it into his knee. He noticed it did a fracture on his visor, and the soldier activated his jetpack in an attempt to tackle Valek.

Valek spun out of the way, and grabbed the briefcase on the ground. This guy and I are evenly matched. I have to get out of here before the Sith forces overwhelm us. As he ran towards the bunker - briefcase in right hand, a pistol in left - numerous Sith started opening fire at him. His armor shrugged off most of the shots, and Valek fired a couple rounds at them with his pistol. When he reached the bunker, the briefcase was snagged by the Special-Ops soldier. Dammit. As he turned around and sprinted towards the soldier, a Sith with a vibro-ax swung at Valek's shins.

Valek could not dodge it, and he felt himself fall to the ground. Still on one knee, he used his left arm to grab the back of the Sith's right leg, and pulled him onto the ground. He turned, grabbed his vibroknife, and sliced the Sith's throat open. He turned around to see few Resistance troops, who tried to cover Valek and bring him to safety. The last thing he remembered were explosions, and then blackness.

Ackbar Med-bay
Valek woke up to find himself inside of a ship, and in a room that appeared to be a med-bay. A Doctor walked inside.

"What's the damage Doc?"

"Not particularly pleasant. A sniper round dislocated your right shoulder, you have burn marks on your left arm, shrapnel in your right hip, and... your tibia has been fractured."

Valek sighed.

"What was the outcome of the mission?"

"The Sith overwhelmed us and acquired both the artifact, and the briefcase that is able to activate the artifact. What few soldiers there were left, attempted to haul you onto a dropship and escape from there. They barely did, as the Sith artillery decimated what few that were left."

"Total loss then?"

"Not total. You're still here. And a few dropships were able to leave before the battle escalated into... this."

"Forgive me, but what exactly was the artifact? No one down there knew what it was."

"I'm only a doctor. I merely read the reports and relayed them to you. Besides, you were down there. Weren't you allowed to enter the dig site?"

"No, they quarantined it for some reason. The only people that knew were the mining team - obviously, the Colonel - who is dead, and his officers - who are dead."

"If I were to guess, I'd think it was a holocron or something."

"No, it had to be much more than a holocron. It had to be something big to have had all that attention. It could be a Sith Temple, as there was a briefcase needed which 'unlocked' the artifact. I've never heard of keys or whatever to have been needed to access artifacts. Also, I've had brief glances at the dig site, and I've read some of their logs. The dig site was large, which meant either temple, a bunch of artifacts, or - something else."

The Doctor shrugged.

"Anyways, did any of my injuries heal?"

"Most of the shrapnel has been removed, and your burn marks have been treated, but they are still there. Your shoulder has been re-located, but pain might still be there. I do not recommend you walking, however."

"Can't I just use my force abilities to heal myself?"

"Your connection to the Force was very weak, now it's even more weak. I think you should wait until a Jedi gets here. And who knows, maybe your force signature is tipping them off that you're in pain?" The Doctor shrugged, and walked out of the room.

Valek looked around, and saw his armor on the other side of the room. It looks like it went through a lot of wear-and-tear in the battle, but it's nothing he should not be able to fix. Let's just hope a Jedi walks in here so that I could be able to walk again. He slowly drifted into unconsciousness.

The funniest thing about this sentence is that by the time you realize it doesn't say anything it's too late to stop reading it.

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