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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Can you get a Samurai Sword or any decent guns? I quite like Zombie games... I'm not a do every side quest kind of person...
Oh yeah, nice thing about the game is there's no loss for weaponry. Blunt, sharp, molotovs, grenades, and guns galore. Plus you can mod them to have other unique specialties (nails, glass, fire, electricity, etc.)
Guns don't show up (in mass) till later, but there are a few early in. Bullets however are like it should be.. scarce, expensive and you can only haul so much. 1st hour in you'll be playing whack-a-zombie with boat paddles, pipes and crowbars. Weaponry gets more varied the further you go in the game. Katana, Wakizashi, Cane Knife, Mace, Morningstar, (even a chainsaw, but it's hard as hell to get.. hehe) etc.

From an RPG element I just couldn't see myself doing random sidequests in a Zombie Apocalypse... My attitude would be find somewhere safe rescue who I can along the way.
Hmm.. game may be right up your alley to be honest J7.
Might want to rent it for a weekend to see if you like how the combat feels (majority is melee).. and if so, might be worth a purchase (or a good Steam deal if one comes along).

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