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I can't stand the Bleach anime, way too much filler and the filler is also horrible, so I just read the manga for Bleach and quite frankly it hasn't been as good post-Aizen arc.

Death Note's awesome as are the Scott Pilgrim comics. I haven't seen the other stuff so yeah, no comment. :P

I would highly recommend you watch Steins;Gate so far it is easily the best show this year.

As for myself, I watched Usagi Drop and thought it was very good, then I read the manga and it completely ruined it for me, so yeah I advise not reading the Usagi Drop manga. As for this current season I'm watching...

Persona 4: The Animation - So far it has stayed very true to the story from the video game, which is a good thing. Not much to say really if you like the video game you'll like this. If you're not familiar with the game, well then I guess you could describe it as a murder mystery featuring school kids with the ability to summon demons to help them fight other demons... yeah.

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam - The sequel to the original Last Exile, so far things seem to be playing out in a similar fashion to the original too early to say either way on this one, but I would highly recommend the original LE,

Guilty Crown - One of the more highly regarded shows this season, I'm really liking it so far. It is like a mix of Code Geass, Macross and GitS, plus the female lead has pink hair, so that is a plus.

Tamayura -hitotose- - Very meh, nothing exciting, average slice of life stuff, but it airs while I'm waiting for the other shows, so I'll prolly keep watching.

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