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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Does anyone have a KotOR 1 save, on the Unknown Planet just prior to landing on the Star Forgive, am changing Dark Jedi and Jedi on the Star Forge to have more Unique appearances... But could do with the aforementioned save for testing purposes.
Sorry so late but I checked and didn't have anything in my archives J7.


On another note, if anyone has any save files they want to share (modded or un-modded, see OP for details), I'd highly suggest a visit over at Deadly Stream. They offer a dedicated section for save games for just such cases

Or if you'd rather.. a file sharing/hosting service such as DropBox. 2gb Free.. more for a fee.
They allow both public download (via DL link) and private (invite only) sharing directories. Nice option if you don't have access to an FTP or personal website for storage. Invite function also allows others to upload to your directories for even more sharing capability. Handy for bypassing email attachment file size limits

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