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Regarding cases, I recommend a case that has provision for a top-mounted fan. Heat rises, and a blowhole fan is the best way to get rid of it. As for the other case fans, they don't need to move a lot of air on an individual basis; the case should simply accommodate several of them. A large number of slow-turning fans is quite a bit quieter than a small number of high-speeds ones.

I use an Antec Nine Hundred. It is well-made has terrific airflow and was reasonably-priced at the time, but cable management is a nightmare and dust-proofing the case required a very time-consuming and labor-intensive mod, so I would recommend the improved Nine Hundred Two, which has improved cable management and built-in dust filters.

EDIT: The cheapest I've seen the Nine Hundred Two is $80 (making it a bargain), and, if the gaudy blue LEDs bug you (as they did me), you can cut the wires to them (as I did).

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