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Originally Posted by Q View Post
It is now my firm belief that religion is just another form of politics and that it's every bit as worthless.
Indeed. Only problem is that religion is (in my opinion) formed by two different things;

1) Personal experiences.

2) The need for security and comfort via spiritual fulfillment and "answers/truth".

For the record, I don't believe religious people are stupid. It's just that most people gladly choose the blue pill over the red pill, if you've seen The Matrix you'll now what I mean. It's just easier for people to focus on shallow things in life like the wedding of Prince William instead of pondering deep, philosophic questions about the universe and life in general. This means that they wont effectively come to the conclusion that religious institutions are a bad thing and will instead embrace them even with their faults. I'm pretty sure the average Joe would become extremely depressed if he suddenly realized the true nature of things in life, they way we live, how our society works, what really goes on behind the curtains so to speak and so forth. And again, people are not stupid - they all have the potential to realize the bigger truth but will instead opt to the safe cushion of ignorance.

For this reason I don't believe the human race will ever steer away from some form of religion, be it spiritual or totalitarian in the form of a country or state. At least not unless something radical happens with the human consciousness, possibly aided by technology in the future which will guide us away from our animalistic nature toward something very different.

Oh and congratulations on your sobriety Q, I'm well on my way myself. *fingers crossed*

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