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It's just easier for people to focus on shallow things in life like the wedding of Prince William instead of pondering deep, philosophic questions about the universe and life in general. This means that they wont effectively come to the conclusion that religious institutions are a bad thing and will instead embrace them even with their faults.
It should be mentioned that it's remarkably dificult to find corelation between (more or less) accepted negative effects and religion. I have tried and failed to find it, so if you have some good data I'd be interested.

I'm pretty sure the average Joe would become extremely depressed if he suddenly realized the true nature of things in life, they way we live, how our society works, what really goes on behind the curtains so to speak and so forth. And again, people are not stupid - they all have the potential to realize the bigger truth but will instead opt to the safe cushion of ignorance.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. More spesifically what you mean by "true nature of things in life", is it strictly what can be observed/measured? If yes, then I'd argue that we don't know everything of what is behind the curtain, yet.

Alex: To run with the curtain analogy: the unbeliever is the guy who is trying to get the limited amount of info he can about what is behind the curtain, by doing everything from listening to making theories of what the shadows on the curtain could be. The religious guy is the one who either claims that someone else have peeked behind the curtain and told them what is there, despite no one else being able to peek behind the curtain.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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