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Originally Posted by Q View Post
After six years of being drug-free and living in reality I've come to the conclusion that the only real purpose that religion serves is to provide those who do not possess a conscience with a convenient way to manipulate those who do. I didn't realize this much earlier in life due to being brainwashed by my reliotarded parents as a child and the aforementioned drug use in my early adulthood.

It is now my firm belief that religion is just another form of politics and that it's every bit as worthless.
To be fully sincere, i don't exactly agree with you. Yes, religion has been used to control people throughout the ages. Yes.. The most powerful way to control people is through their minds and thoughts, yes... But religion hides something more, not only stories, about this and the other, but a truly whole philosophy. Also, not all the religions are like that, in fact, religions from Asia, such as Buddhism, Confucianism and so on... They center they're beliefs in thinking and meditating about everything that surrounds them. In that part, i agree with them, occidental religions have always imposed things as impossible to evolve or change.

You don't have to "hate" or ignore totally, because the one who hears is as wise as the one who speaks.

You can have you're own beliefs, but they don't need to be the whole inverse of the ones from christian or jewish or whatever religion, just because they have done bad things before.

The problem is that religions, or, to be more accurate, communities of religions, are formed by people, people that have their pros and cons, and, well, somehow, you cannot blame them for what they did after all, who are we to blame people?, and even more important, would he act the same, if his life would have been like yours?
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