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I'm fairly certain that I'm not going to devolve into an amoral savage simply because I've stopped believing in a deity.

Are you saying that we shouldn't hold people responsible for their actions? Seriously?
Noooooo, you misunderstood what i tried to say, Q. Possibly my fault, i didn't say everything with enough accuracy. I didn't mean he has to turn into an "amoral savage", don't be an extremist, come on... I meant that he should become an anti-religious people, just critizising every step they do. Also, religion is not based in a deity, not all of them, as i said, there are religions that are based in thinking about things that surround them, more like a phylosohpical way to live.

About the other thing... people are responsible of their actions, YES, but YOU ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE OF YOURS, i think you should look at yourself first, not just once, or twice, always. You wouldn't have the need of critizising people if you were entirely perfect. The problem is that we all want the universe to be like we want, but we aren't like we should. We think the whole universe just works because of us, not literally, in a methaphorical way.

Also, i think the problem is NOT religion, most religions are based in a more intelligent phylosophy than what we just read. No offense for those that believe that the first 2 people in the world were Adam and Eve.. But, these things are stories, but what is hidden within them is what we don't see. When you see 2 friends fighting for something, you only see the fight and say, ¡Oh, my God!! (lol) but only some people see that is within that fight, feelings.... When we argue, we think we are so reasonable, we never look at ourselves correctly... Believe me, it is very hard for people to change their minds when they think something is as they think.

Well that was kinda an example...

Hope i am not misunderstood again.


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