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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
@ ChAiNz: thanks! I will be picking up the game tomorrow a.m. as its a day off at the office (not veteran's or remembrance day but JBNQA signature day (you can google it ) and (hopefully) have fun at home like when I was a teenager while everyone else - or almost - is working
haha..lucky you!

I'm still hesitating between a Breton (magic!!!), an Imperial (not so fond of the new skills but Skyrim/Cyrodiil relation seems interesting in this game) and an Argonian (always fun due to the starting skills and the relations with other races which are rarely neutral).
yeah.. I'm torn between Bosmer and Argonian. Leaning towards Bosmer just to "continue" Paahketgz (my RPG thief) journey through the lands.. but I've always liked the lizards and their waterbreathing/disease resist

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