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Yeah, let's bring this back to light-sabers.

Anyone buy any UltraSabers lightsabers in real life?

I decided I'm getting one of their "war glaive" lightsabers. Full options so that way I have sound AND easily interchangeable LED colors. As part of my costume for next year's conventions and halloween.

Colors available are red, green, blue, fire orange, silver, cyan, and just recently a violet color became available. Other LED colors exist elsewhere like amber/yellow, royal blue, light (seafoam-ish) green, warm white (yellow tint), soft white (pink/purple tint), and cool or cold white (blue-ish tint).

Ther are RGB options available.

Here's the basic overall design.

I'll keep the "glaive" blades a chrome finish, but instead of a silver body, I'll have it be black instead:

Ultrasabers and The Custom Saber Shop are among the more affordable sellers. Then you have others like Do-Clo custom sabers, I cannot comment on his because I have never bought anything from him BUT he gives alternative designed, fully machined saber handles at supposedly affordable prices.

Have not looked yet, but there is supposedly another maker out there who makes Kerian Halcyon's lightsaber.

Then you have your upper price ranged options from Advanced Light Waeponry (specializing in the weird, curvy and supposedly ergonomically balanced), and Genesis custom sabers. You really don't get any more elite than these two. Just look them up.

Also genesis custom sabers not only makes lightsabers, but USB holocrons. ($300--YIKES!)

Genesis is the only place that has made a lightsaber that is true to the novelization version of Darth Bane's lightsaber. Only 10 will ever be made, and you will turn green with envy when you see the price tag. However, the craftsmanship put into it is considerable. I'm not getting one, I don't even intend to try. I'd have to be a damn layer afford that.

This is for DarthJacen, so anyone else feel free to ignore this.
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