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been playing this one for about 6+ hours now. first thoughts:

1. this is *upgraded* graphics?? sure, its better looking than Oblivion, but compared to other open world games that have come out in the meantime (GTA 4, FarCry 2, Crysis, etc), its not very impressive. textures range from spectacular to 8-bit ugly. i even found one tower in the game that had such a bad "snow" texture, that i seriously thought that the floor had been cell-shaded.

2. the gameplay is improved, but not overly so. combat is much better and more diverse than Oblivion, but the AI drags the game down in a bad way. i should not be able to run right up to a deer from the front and hack it down with a mace.

3. and this is the most important one: i loved Oblivion, and so far, i love this game. the mistakes are there and expected, but overall, the game is just fun, and exploring is still a blast the same as it always has been.

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