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Originally Posted by S_W_LeGenD View Post
I disagree. I always wanted Revan to be properly defined and his story be completed. He is too important character to be treated as a vague.

However, I want Revan to get decent roles and treatment so that fanbase is satisfied. Fans are important because they made Star Wars famous in the first place.

To be honest, I want more novels on Revan.
I agree, I want more too, but I would prefered it was in the eagerly wanted KotOR 3 (and not a MMO), a video-game is not only more funny, we can also make our own decisions too, instead of a novel that could be interesting but in which everything is decided and that we could disagree, because there could be something we don´t like. What if you read the novel and it´s not as you thought or wanted? That´s why I´m a little disappointed with what I have read of the novel, because I think Revan is more charismatic, determined, and powerfull than he seems to be in those chapters (the way he fights with the Basilisks..., I expected something as "TFU 2: Betrayal" trailer).
The rest we have read here about the novel is pure speculation.

The entire book should be read before forming an opinion.

Revan does actually assists the Mandalorians in reorganizing themselves before leaving for the unknown regions. Canderous becomes the Mandalore after the death of his wife.
I agree, I have just read 2 chapters. But I expected somthing more.

This is why gameplay is invalid basis for determining the strengths and weaknesses of a character.

KOTOR II is more advanced then KOTOR I, hence more features and levels are in it.

Drew confirmed that Revan was the most powerful Jedi of his time.

First there were the games, and later the history. Revan and the exile are originally 2 video-game characters that were adapted to the SW history, so I think it´s important to take in account the games and what they offer, even if you disagree. I say I wanted Revan in KotOR 2 and with what it offers (I told before I played K2 as if the PC was Revan instead of the exile).
I also prefer Revan, by far. I expected more of his adventures in KotOR 2, with the rest of characters of the KotOR (or the majority of them), and not another story with another PC and a stupid story about: "Revan went to the Unknown Regions, we know nothing about him". What disappointment!
By the way, you tell me the attributes of the 2 characters; considering the initial attributes in the games, and the others that you get every 4 levels, I don´t see why those attributes you tell me are so high, overall in K1, unless you cheat. We could say the same with Malak: 29, 18, 23, 15, 15, 20. And are the LS bonus included?
But I´ll answer to your argument: seeing these attributes you tell me, the exile is more intelligent and charismatic than Revan . Unacceptable! . Besides, "this" Revan has many odd attributes, so they´re incomplete for getting the bonus; following your argument, I think it would be better to say: 16, 16, 14, 14, 18, 22, and that would be much more than the rest of the companions of the games. I cheat and my Revan is: 16+3, 16, 14, 14, 16, 20.
And we´re talking about Revan, remove the "Darth".

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