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Post The official LFN Republic Guild: The Walking Carpets

The Walking Carpets @ Star Wars: The Old Republic

I know we voted on "Order of the Walking Carpet" in our poll, but (and we feel like idiots about not noticing it before lol) there is a 24 character limit on the naming of guilds... so unless we wanted to be called "Order of the walking Car" which is even more bizarre a name, I thought "The Walking Carpets" would be the best choice.

We've already got at least 4 staff members who have pre-orders... they haven't joined yet since I literally created this guild less than an hour ago, but with those 4 staff members, The Walking Carpets will definitely make it in to the final game.

As for our Empire Guild, Astor will post a thread soon about choosing a name for that guild and we'll get that started asap so that folks who are going to be started on the Empire's side can join that guild... hopefully folks with pre-orders of the game so we can ensure that both of our LFN Guilds make it through. |

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