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[Spoiler] Unlock HK-47 Memory Core

So im replaying KOTOR and Im trying to unlock HK-47's memory core. I actually only started repairing him after my character was
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. I was able to complete all repairs I was able to do, but then he says he needs the proper stimuli to unlock his memory core.

Ive read that the stimuli needed is when my character was
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However he somehow still does not know.
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and got back to the Ebon Hawk, the part where you can
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Anyone know if I have missed my chanced? when I repaired HK-47,
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. I heard though, that you can see somewhere in the character sheet that he has this ability. If it exist I cannot find it.

I also want to mention that I have collected all the star maps by this time and the only thing left is to go after the star forge itself, and the
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. I know that if I proceed to this part, all the other planets will be locked, so I am bouncing back and forth between planets right now, as I am also trying to complete Juhani's quest.
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, but no matter what I do he does not want to show up.
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