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Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
Hk-47:You need a good repair skill to repair Hk-47. For Example, Scout Class is preferred because you can start with the repair skill early on Taris.

Juhani: Post Leviathan Scene and after the encounter with Xor, use the Rapid Transition to make him spawn. All planets will give him unique minions.
Wow! Thank you for that tip, DeathScepter! I was trying to get Juhanis Ex Slave Master to appear for days now!

Now about HK-47..... I have fully repaired him, however his memory core is still locked as it seems that he still is unaware that I am Revan. Is there any way to make him aware of this post leviathan scene, if you skipped asking him how you feel about being Revan?
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