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Well, after you have completely repaired HK (there are 4 repairs) you know HK was used by a Systech officer, a Senator, a hutt, and a mandalorian, and there´s nothing more to repair at that moment. Later, after escaping from the Leviathan, you speak with Carth and the others about your real identity, revealed just before, then you ask your companions if they trust in you, and when you ask HK, it says that its internal programming is activated and its original program is restored, then HK recognizes you as Revan. Later you can ask everyone what they think about you to be Revan.

That's just it, when I came to this juncture, I accidently skipped talking to all my party members, and just talked to Carth. The story then progressed without me talking to my other party members, including HK-47. Now, he just keeps saying he needs the proper stimuli to unlock his memory core.

Have I missed my chance forever?
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