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I'm poking in here now.

in fact, if we followed the philosophy from any religion ( excepting those about satanism and so on )
Do you have any specific reasons to exclude satanic philosophies like LaVeyan Satanism other than they're anti-christian?
there would be no need to have weapons, as we would not kill each other, we would just forgive and apologize, it would be a great world..
Have you ever read any religious book besides a whitewashed account of the new testament? I have never read books that justify incredibly immoral actions so cheerfully, because after all, they're on a mission for God.
don't be an extremist, come on... I meant that he should become an anti-religious people, just critizising every step they do.
This is a bad thing?
You wouldn't have the need of critizising people if you were entirely perfect.
If i had perfect eyesight, i wouldn't need glasses.....but unfortunately, i do. Regardless, whose definition of a perfect being would you choose to use? Yours?
Also, i think the problem is NOT religion, most religions are based in a more intelligent phylosophy than what we just read.No offense for those that believe that the first 2 people in the world were Adam and Eve.. But, these things are stories, but what is hidden within them is what we don't see.
How is presenting metaphors as literal and factual stories in any way intelligent?
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