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I see I could have maybe phrased things a little differently, though you did answer some of my questions.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
Sorry I didn't reply to your other thread, but I wanted to wait until all the dust had cleared from the launch of AMD's new Bulldozer architecture and I had a definitive answer as to who had the better chip. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing, because the answer's the same as it's been for the past 5.5 years: Intel.
I'm sorry, allow me to elaborate. That's generally what I thought intel > AMD. Now I'm not so sure about that anymore.

A friend of mine had a laptop with a core i5 intel. After a little more than 1 year the processor died. He used that thing *constantly* and he is nowhere near the f*#% up of an urban destruction machine that I am.

Another case was an intel core i3 processor in a client's desktop machine. Again, constant use and it died in a little more than 1 year.

My confidence in intel is wavering a bit.

My issue is I want a Z68 asus or gigabyte and it runs best on intel. While i7 is what I want, I don't want to have to buy a new processor *every* year b/c I use it for more than overclocking and gaming and for longer than a few hours at a time per week. Think movie edit pro, anime studio debut 6, itunes, watching dvds, youtube, decal making and graphics, microcontroller programming, EEPROM programming, voices and such, audacity, etc.

...not sure if want emulator or modding, though.

So, what I'd recommend for your build is a Core i5 2500k and either an ASUS or Gigabyte Z68 motherboard. The only substantial difference between the i5 2500k and the i7 2600k is that the 2600k has hyperthreading enabled to emulate 8 cores (4 real; 4 virtual), and it's $100 more. If you don't need that, and most people don't, just get a 2500k.
Well that's pretty much what I was thinking, though for a 2600K, that's about what I'd call reasonable pricing.

As far as overclocking is concerned; you've got it backwards. Intel has reduced overclocking to unlocked CPUs only (the "k" models), but the difference in price between locked and unlocked CPUs of the same model is only about $20.
Err, what I was referring to was the availability of overclocking because AMD doesn't allow you to play with it unless you get all parts from within the same circle, and from what I understand it is not as wide range or as flexible.

I was aware you had to buy an unlocked model of processor for intel. While there is the manual way, I am also aware some come with presets?

As for GPUs, you've also got that backwards. Nvidia's architecture is generally less efficient than AMD's (there is no ATI anymore), Though there isn't as big a difference as there was a couple of years ago. DX11 is simply a GPU hog. The reason I stick with Nividia is because I still like to play KotOR and TSL every now and then (as well as other older games) and they still run on Nividia cards with 0 fuss. Not so with AMD.
Oh. One mag, I think computer gaming or build your own pc rated the GTX560 over its Radeon/AMD rival due to size, noise, and heat. I could have misread...

so nvidia is not a bitchy about backwards compatibility (read: playing older games), but AMD is more efficient...
Depending on your monitor's resolution, I would recommend something on the level of a GTX 560ti or HD 6950.
Hm. Those two keep coming up again. It's either going to be one of those or one of those monsters that just came down in price from $732 to 500 ish something.

This is by no means going to be quickly put together. Parts will be selected over time depending also on what level of money I have at each phase.

Finally, you live in SoCal, right?
Would like to--for a time.
You're about 550-600 miles off. I'm in nor-cal, fairly close to its capitol, sacraghetto.

No, I just visit So Cal, though not next year, due in part to the funds for that being diverted to this. Another reason...well with as little funds as I had this year, no interesting items on the itinerary... plus when you drive 600 miles and all your friend does is play games, facebook, and text (and sleep 12 hours at a time), and no bros hanging out like old times, it really made me not want to come back for another visit. The other always gone because he's "whipped"--though she looks a little like Alyx Vance IRL (enough to pull off a cosplay), so I don't blame him.

Mostly I'm just doing a lot of things, trying to expand on my work a bit, and stretch out in the entrepreneurial sense. Meeting new people, doing other things.

If so, then you're in a unique position. You live near Fry's electronics
Actually I have 2 in Sac equally distant from me. Makes me wonder why I had to go to SD to discover it.

and, more importantly, Micro Center. Micro Center has terrific deals when you buy a 2500k/2600k with select motherboards (like $60-80 off), so you'll probably be able to get your CPU and motherboard for less than $300, even with Kalifornia's atrocious sales tax.
That's considerable... Though I'm not sure I want to visit, now.

EDIT: The Anandtech Bench is a great resource for comparing CPUs, graphics cards and SSDs.
Ooh thanks, that's handy!

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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