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Hmm. Nice.

Unfortunately mid size form factor isn't quite big enough.
Thanks anyways.

I'm usually function over form. The "prettiest" I'm looking into is Bit Fenix. Black and venom green led, black case and red led...or white case and blue led. Corsair was another one.

Yeah, I usually like to splice the LEDs and have an on/off switch. You're talking to someone who has a crap ton of LEDs with different shades of colors for hobby projects. I have most every optical color out there.

I figure I'm going to need room for some fairly serious s#*% (though perhaps not elite of the elite), and even if not for some serious s#*%, I'd like something I can keep around awhile that won't become obsolete in a few years. Like I could toss out the motherboard and everything else but keep the case for the next one.

My mother always said I like getting the most use out of things. I refuse to throw out clothes until they are tattered rags practically falling off. So umm, yeah.

As to the rest, I must have derp'd hard on the processors, and such.

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