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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Well now you're kinda asking for it if you assume avatar gender=IRL gender of other users. Let's get real here. What does it make out of both of us if one of us assumes?

I sort of wondered at why he was being so nice to me, and thought my link to psychostick's beer song was "so awesome" for someone "like [me]". Then I realized he was a typical teen guy looking at my christmas avatar of...well you saw the base pic of that meme.
OK, you caught me. I´m Spanish, and my English level is quite basic, I don´t get what "poor godkin" means, and something tells me is better not to ask.

In the game, I'd guess both MotF and Heart of the Guardian came into Revan's possession. And after the conflict was terminated, Revan in duty to the Jedi order, probably gave those rare crystals to the order for safe keeping. Obviously had to put a new color crystal inside his saber hilt after the fact.

IIRC the comics had a vision of the future from that point, it showed the star forge, malak face down on the floor dead, and Revan standing with his single lightsaber ignited, Mantle of the Force turquoise blade (not quite cyan). Under the hood was a shadow and a T shaped visor.

I use that and HotG in a 2 saber style. (Can you guess what class I am? )

Also, without mods it is not possible to obtain the original mask and the open front robes. No mods are canon, except maybe something of M4-78 in K2 since that planet at least shows up in at least one canon book. (I eagerly await the day M4-78 is compatible with TSLRCM!) So I would think there would be some explanation for the mask. New robes, since the originals were "seen as abominations and burned" by the jedi order.

Hey, the Exile's ghost doesn't really resemble any of her appearances from her game. I'm kind of irritated about that.
OK, I am a Jedi Guardian, duelist, with the Mantle of the Force and a blue-violet blade from a mod (as you can see in some images), with one of the character´s robe of the "PSR" but the appereance of one of the master´s robe of the "k1robemodels" mod (I have mixed those mods).
I just find curious that Revan uses 5 different blades using just one lightsaber, being duelist (canon), in 6,7 years. Perhaps he isn´t very sure which color is his favourite one .
What I mean is that they have added it according to the novel, I am thinking about remembering it wasn´t there before, another move for making it canon.

Yeah, head # PMHC04. I chose that one b/c, well, it looked most like myself. The stubble was added later, and now his hair is more mullet-ish than I like.
Yes, I choose that face too. I think it´s very good as it is, there is no reason for complicating it, and I think is much better than he is described in
"Revan was an unprepossessing man, with fair skin and black hair. Neither tall, nor particularly handsome. Indeed, Revan described his own features as "unremarkable" and "average". During the Mandalorian Wars Revan took to wearing his hair long, sometimes tied back and sometimes flowing freely past his shoulders. However, after having his memories altered by the Jedi Council Revan maintained a shorter style. At somepoint before or after his conscription aboard the Endar Spire Revan grew a beard, which he wore throughout the Jedi Civil War, and after. This beard eventually became a trademark part of his appearance. So much so, that after being awarded the Hero's Cross Revan shaved it off and ceased wearing Jedi robes in public, seeking to dissasociate himself from the celebrity he had become".
What the ... ! What absolute nonsense! Totally unnecessary!

I'll try my best to explain these: Revan "left" about a year after defeating Malak so far as Carth knows. Remeber, Revan more or less faded by hiding out anonymously, right out in public, not seeking the attention and glory. A trait I admire for personal reasons--which is starting to make me feel spoiled!

So far as marrying Bastilla:
1) there has been a lot of debate and contention on whether or not this was the case after K1 after pursing the romance or if the Jedi order disallowed it. Final nail in the coffin for the argument as it were.
2) fate's hand because there are STILL a LOT of clueless KOTOR players on about the romance (just ask Shem, better yet go visit his thread "What game did you play, seriously?" in LF republic newsfeed. You'll see what I am talking about.)
3) Remember that scene in ROTS where Anakin could not sleep because of his nightmares? Does that seem in any way similar to you with Revan's nightmares about the resurgent sith empire?

(And yet I get the impression DK hasn't thought that far through it all and will see this and claim it was his idea all along. )
I always thought that Revan and Carth finished KotOR being very good friends, so I don´t understand why Revan allowed Carth to think he had gone if Revan was indeed with Bastila for a year more. He tells nothing to one of his best friends? . And time later, in KotOR 2, Bastila tell nothing about that to Carth?
If I was Revan, considering that I´m a hero, a symbol, I would used my reputation, my fame, for reconstructing the Republic and the Order (as GO-TO says in K2), and defeating completely the Sith I created, working to make a strong Republic and Jedi Order, before going to investigate to the Unknown Regions if I think it´s really necessary, because in the novel it seems that Revan remember something of the academy of Trayus at Malachor V, that´s enough for preparing to face new foes, not The True Sith, but foes in the end, as it happens in KotOR 2.
So far as marrying Bastila: I marry her, as simple as that. I don´t care anything else. Are we going to be choosing what to do between all the things we can get in a RPG? I defeat the evil guys; I marry the lovely, precious and beautiful girl; I save the galaxy; I become a hero. What´s next?

I thought Kreia said it was not "falling" to the dark side but rather "sacrificing himself to it"?
"Is that what he was? Or was he always true to himself, no matter what personality he wore? And there is something that the Council may never understand. That perhaps Revan never fell. The difference between a fall and a sacrifice is sometimes difficult, but I feel that Revan understood that difference, more than anyony knew. The galaxy would have fallen if Revan had not gone to war. Perhaps he became the dark lord out of necessity, to prevent a greater evil."

I´m sure you agree when I say that the awesome "BoS:RS" is the best mod for K1. Silveredge9 has shown it much better that what I can say: I like very much the way they have done it, offering dialog options that allow you to make a Revan who decided to become "the dark lord out of necessity, to prevent a greater evil", choosing a constructive way of making things in all moment, manipulating all those fool Sith for creating a strong empire to face the real enemy and for preserving the galaxy, and not being another ruthless-ambitious-fool Sith as Darth Malak. I prefer this neutral Revan and his way of thinking: "the Republic and the Jedi are not able to face the threat of the True Sith, we need something different, something stronger from a military point of view, it´s necessary to do this, it´s what must be done for saving the galaxy".
Maybe I´m wrong and I have understood it incorrectly, but I like it; I think he´s wrong (as we can prove in KotOR 1, LS ending), but it´s very interesting.

I don't. The more they make on him, the more it will risk damaging what was there before and obscuring/estranging the character to the fans. We're already having that problem with Vader. I say define to a point and then leave well enough alone--just my opinion though.

What has happened was simply because so many fans have demanded it long enough, and that such a move could not be made without some specifics filled in for editorial necessity. As DK said: "It's been building for awhile now", so it probably was decided in terms of
a> what fits established canon
b> what the majority of fans would agree with/what meshes most with SW like resembling a familiar character
c> the author's desires
I am a little of agreement.
If something works, then the better you can do is altering the lesser possible. KotOR 1 worked very well, and they have altered it too much (creating K2 and TOR and their own stories, cutting important bows with the K1), making something I think doesn´t work as well as before or as it could be, not necessarily bad, but different, and not as many of us would liked. Why? Because it´s a bussiness. I want more about Revan and his companions too, preferably something "alive" in which we could say or do something (I mean a game), and not something done/written, but the choice passed away (KotOR 2 and 3). Now I think Revan and all the original story are misplaced. What else can be told about he without damaging him and our opinions? There will be more novels, you can be sure of that, and the better way to enjoy them is not considering them as canon in a first time, unless you like them. I´m not very convinced, but it´s what it is. Let´s see what they do.

Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
sometimes the estranging fans is a bad idea. that is why i am cautious right now.
Estranging? No, these are just "agressive negotiations" . Everyone uf us have our own opinion, we´re just exposing them, respecting the rest, even if we disagree, unless they´re Sith ; if that´s the case, then . If you want to say something, just say it.

Originally Posted by Shem View Post
I'm not shocked that they screwed up Revan's story. I mean when I learned how they decided to go to a MMO game and it being 300 years later, that this is going to be bad for us.

But how they have decided to throw out TSL's story for the most part is just insulting. It's like BioWare wanted to stick it to Obsidian. Not saying BioWare hates Obsidian, but that doesn't change what they did being insulting to Obsidian and fellow TSL fans.

That is one of the reason's why I'm anti-TOR.
Yes, it was a serious mistake changing of company, KotOR was a Bioware product, they should have been continued with the KotOR 2 when they could. Instead of that, LA gave it to Obsidian, who wanted to develop their own game with their own hero/heroine, making a different story, cutting somethings with the past and placing it 5 years later, kicking the asses of we KotOR fans, despising one the most charismatic characters of SW. And later, Bioware people wanted to take their work up again, making a different story, cutting somethings with the past, and placing it 300 years later! . What a ! Anti-TOR too! Why didn´t they something as they have done with Dragon Age: Origins, a KotOR 3 with a large campaign and DLC for making it more large and interesting? Don´t they realize that they had a very good story and they have thrown out, making this absurd mixture? Always thinking in the bussiness!

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