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I'd like to help with the story!
And since I'm helping with the GFDelux Project to remodel and rerender the 3D backgrounds, I may be able to help with that as well. Especially if I get to learn 3D charachter modelling/sculpting.

A good question to ask is, Whether it's best for the fan-game to has a hero and antagonist similar to the usual TimSchafer character type [A guy who loves the new tech (bad) and the guy who loves the old tech (good). See Trenched, Full Throttle, ...] or should it have a totally different story style.
I'm for taking a different story style. I say let's take the surreal mood and atmosphere of the game and add some dark-humor a la Terry Gilliam (Brazil) or Coen Brothers (Barton Fink/Fargo/TheBigLebowski).
I think a good approach for creating the story is to take GF's world and mix it with a classic story/fable and expand/brain-storm on that idea till we reach somewhere.

@N3mo: I love your style! It's like a hybrid of Saul Bass and the classic Pink Panther toons + Mif2000 [] []. I'm gonna follow your blog. Why don't you post your art and design on DeviantArt?

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