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Absolutely loving the game despite its (many) glitches

UI is less than desirable, but no more clumsy than Oblivion's nested nightmare
I just favorite everything and auto-key 1-8 for my magic/weapon setups.

Was getting beaten down hard every second I turned a corner until I purchased a summon meat shield.. err, Flame Atronach. Definitely invest in this (or other conjuration) spell.. even for the melee classes. Makes encounters and combat much more manageable... hehe.

Smithing rocks, Alchemy limited in effect this round.. but the few you get can be awesome (and devastating). Mixed on the Enchanting mechanics. LOVE the idea on how you get the effects (disenchanting/breakdown).. not too thrilled on limiting what type of enchantment can go on what type of equipment. I'll be modding that for sure when the tools come around

Lots of fun stuff happening though.
Show spoiler

If the game continues to add little surprises and bits like this... yeah, I'll be in this for months on end.

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