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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
As I keep saying, let's not forget that the incarnation of the Sith seen in the upcoming MMO was completely inspired by KOTOR 2. I'd say that's pretty major. Granted, they went completely against what Obsidian had in mind for the "true Sith," but the idea originated with Obsidian.

And before anyone says the "true Sith" were Bioware's idea, we've talked about this before: the line that appears in that loading screen in the first game was a throw-away line without much thought behind it, and referred to something entirely different (namely, the Sith species that the exiled Dark Jedi conquered).
OK. But now, thanks to KotOR 2, there is another way of seeing why Revan did what he did, a possible reason of why he acted that way, the Kreia´s version ("perhaps he became the dark lord out of necessity, to prevent a greater evil"), something that could explain what it´s not explained in the K1. We can agree or disagree, but now it´s part of the story, whoever developed it. And if we consider only what belongs to the KotOR 1, reason of more for doing what I would done if I was Revan (told before): no need of going to the Unknown Regions searching an unknown enemy of whose existence is not known, but to remain and reconstruct the Republic and the Jedi Order.
By the way, when you talk to Canderous for the first time in Davik´s home, and you ask him why the Mandalorians attacked the Republic, he says it was the Sith who convinced Mandalore of doing it, that that would be a war remembered for a long time (or something like that). Well then, of what Sith faction was he talking about? Those Sith that were apart and in clear inferiority at that moment? I don´t think so, I think it was all planned by the Sith Emperor, to manipulate Mandalore so the mandalorians and the Republic faced in a war that would debilitate them completely, no matter who would won, the winner faction would be very debilitated for facing a new enemy, so when the True Sith were coming, already they would have very much anticipated, and their victory would be a lot easier. But Revan avoided it defeating the mandalorians sufficiently before the total disaster. Revan could discover it, and that could explain why he acted as he did it later.
I think it was the Sith Emperor who manipulated the mandalorians for doing the dirty work.
It´s just a theory, but considering what Canderous says, and what we know now from the KotOR 2 and TOR... That could place the True Sith in the KotOR 1, no? I insist, it´s just a theory.

Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
A Dragon Age: Origins Style Kotor 3 will be cool. Also A Dragon Age: Origins style Kotor 1 would be nice too.

Me being a Kotor 2 fan. Obsidian did a damn good job with Kotor 2.
OK, I don´t say KotOR 2 is bad, by no means. It´s interesting and I enjoy playing it, but I enjoy more the K1. I had preferred a story based on the previous KotOR, with its characters, that´s the point of being a second part, a sequel . And, to be honest, the technical part of the game could be much better, it´s a game developed 1,5 or 2 years after the K1, and the scenes, trees, cities, some details here and there, the faces are much better in K2 than in K1, but the rest... I think they are of a little lower quality than the K1. And if we talk about the great music of the K1 and the "music" of the K2... It´s not important for the story of the game, but I felt disappointed with all that; obviously, I like much more the KotOR 1, for all.

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