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TOR ate my KotOR
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So far I'm the polar opposite of ChAiNz, I haven’t been able to get into this game at all. I play, but get bored after only a few mins. I believe this all goes back to character creation and the hideous form wood elves have taken (I know they were ugly in Morrowind too, but not with better faces). Made an acceptable Nord, but it just isn’t Elder Scrolls to me without my little wood elf.

Like the look of the environment, like the fighting, hate the level up and menus. Haven’t gotten far, I find the game way to easy at times and then when I get cocky about it I stumble upon something my PC has no possible chance of killing. Was really looking forward to Skyrim, but all I’m doing now is dreaming about December or March. Just haven’t been able to get into the environment yet.

Off to Nexus to see if any mods have been released to fix the female wood elves.

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